Tuesday, March 16, 2010

EPA Withdraws Decision

Well maybe people can be made to listen. It looks like our efforts are having some effect.

On February 22, 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency withdrew its approval of the City of Marlborough’s 44% increase in wastewater discharge to the Assabet River. OAR and the Town of Stow had appealed the permit modification in January 2010 citing violation of state water quality standards.


In December 2009 DEP received public comment on a study of other ways to reduce phosphorus in the river, including removing sediment and dams. “Based on the sediment and dam removal study, it is clear that the only feasible way to meet water quality standards in the near future is to have more stringent limits at the wastewater treatment plants,” said OAR’s Acting Executive Director, Alison Field-Juma. “Marlborough’s request to increase their discharge to the river should have been evaluated in light of this new information, as required by law. Until the big questions are solved, allowing an increase in treated effluent discharged to the river is premature, at best. There are alternatives that would still allow the communities to grow, but not pollute the river,”

New discharge permits for the four municipal wastewater treatment plants on the Assabet (Westborough, Marlborough Westerly, Hudson and Maynard), are due out in 2010 and are required to meet the water quality standards. This would become increasingly difficult if the treatment plant discharges were increased.

Thanks to everyone for all the letters and support. Vigillent we must remain.

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