Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why is the Corps of Engineers Involved?

Back in 2005

FEDERAL FUNDS SOUGHT FOR CLEANUP -- A recent trip to the nation's capital yielded no commitments but ''cautious optimism" about the possibility of getting aid from the federal government for the cleanup of the Assabet River, according to Paul Blazar, town executive assistant. Blazar met with aides to several Massachusetts senators and congressmen to ask for help with the multimillion-dollar cleanup required by state and federal environmental agencies. Blazar represented a consortium of affected communities -- Hudson, Marlborough, Maynard, Northborough, Shrewsbury, and Westborough. With him were two representatives of the private Organization for the Assabet River. While the congressional aides promised to look for funds, one likely source, the Army Corps of Engineers, has had its budget slashed for next fiscal year. ''Any cautious optimism is tempered by that reality," Blazar said. -- Connie Paige

Paul Blazar is the executive assistant for the Town of Hudson.

Back in 2001

"recognizing that impending environmental regulations will probably restrict the town's current waste-water discharge into the Assabet River, Hudson, Massachusetts' officials are considering imposing a moratorium on new sewer connections"

I guess Paul or some others came up with a better plan...........

Why not get the Corps of Engineers involved, then somebody else can pay to clean up this mess.

I guess some of us are still confused as to how this plan, of taking down dams and letting this phosporous, which is acknowledged as "bad", flow further down stream, fixes the problem?

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