Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Want to Dig up What???

Proposed Dredging from Dowtown Maynard a mile upstream past Crow Island

Not sure how hydraulic dredging equipment at Rt 117 will be able to dredge a mile upstream.

Why would the schedule for Gleasondale be 35% longer for less than half the dredge volume? It seems like the sediment removal for the Ben Smith Dam was glossed over in the 20 month schedule presented.

Only $13M, but wait that just leaves us with a 150 acre dirt pit. How much is the effort to revegitate with non invasive species going to cost?

BTW how much for the great new park that will bring more dogs and visitors, with their associated waste, litter and poop, into our back yards?

How much did we really end up spending on the Big Dig? 4X overruns are pretty common place these days. So that $13M is quickly going to end up being $50+M. And where is this money coming from?

I'd like to talk to these guys with the deep pockets. I'm sure they have a good reason why we can't spend this money to address the root cause of this problem, excessive phosphorous levels caused by these WWTFs. Its time to stop playing the games and make these facilities clean up their acts.

If DEP wants to spend $50M the right place is on these WWTFs not on dam removal.

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  1. Can this blog be updated? I understand that recent outrage has caused the parties to this catastrophe to step back a bit. What's the most recent news? Thanks for keeping this going, and for posting your web address in the Stow newspaper.